Garfield – Call Specialist

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Garfield is just your average jack. He works and plays just as hard. But of course, he knows his priorities and that is his work. At the age of twenty three, he is still living with his parents. That might sound a little uncool but it works for him. He can save the money for his rent and his mother cooks really well. Besides, their house is just a ride away from where he works. He is a volleyball enthusiast. He also plays volleyball with his own team named 52 Spikers. He loves karaoke on Fridays. He was taught to sing by his mother. He also dances really well and was part of their University Varsity Dance Troupe. From what I know, he used to represent their university in interschool dance sport competition back when he was still in college. He also drinks and party, which is the cool side of him.

Enough talking about what he is. Let us start talking about what he can do. For three years, he had been working as a call center agent or specifically a customer service representative since he graduated from college. In between those three years, he also tried other type of call center jobs like telemarketing and market researching. This is really quite far from the degree he took up. He took up Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics major in Operations Research. Anyhow, he is very knowledgeable about phone etiquette and how to handle clients over the phone. After three years, he tried article/content writing and is learning other Virtual Assistant works to widen his horizon. He is highly trainable and is willing to learn more about SEO and VA works. He thinks that these industries are promising and competitive and he can’t let his self be not a part of it.