Khareen – Content Manager

Skype ID: khareen.247onlineassistant

Email: khareen[@]

Khareen works as a Content Manager for 24/7 Online Assistant and is primarily responsible for editing and proofreading all the site content written by the company’s team of content writers.  She works closely with her team of writers to deliver content that’s up to the company’s standards.

Her solid knowledge in keyword and keyword phrase research and various content strategies enables her to revitalize websites and blogs.  She specializes in web content writing, blog writing, proofreading, editing, and research.  She can also write content for sites in a wide array of styles – from conventional, business, and technical style, to fresh, creative and humorous writing approaches.  She can adapt her writing style to suit different formats for multiple audiences.

She is dynamic, hardworking and highly motivated to learn new things.  As the 24/7 Online Assistant’s content manager, she is in charge of coordinating writing projects required by clients to content writers.  She can also write articles and blogs in across-the-board topics.  She has a knack for multi-tasking and she can work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

Prior to joining 24/7 Online Assistant, she worked as a home based content writer for two years.

During her free time, she likes to read books and watch films.  As of the moment, she’s dependent on her friends’ film recommendations, who are kind enough not to give her horror films.  A wide reader, she indulges herself to reading both classic and contemporary literature.  Her interests revolve primarily on fiction, poetry and literary translation.

Her weekends are mostly spent on either reading classic books or watching cartoons with her nephew.  She finds cleaning her mini library on Sundays extremely therapeutic.

The strong and silent type Khareen doesn’t give up on anything without exhausting every possible means.

Khareen holds a BA in Creative Writing from one of the prominent universities in the Philippines.   She’s currently back to school to pursue an MA degree in English. When stressed on academic coursework, she finds relief by eating spaghetti and reblogging cats on Tumblr.

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