Mirasol – Admin Assistant

Skype ID :  mirasol.247onlineassistant
Email Address: mirasol[@]247onlineassistant.com

Before joining 247 online assistant team, Mikai used to work as a compliance officer on tax services from an accounting firm in the city. Willing to learn and explore new things that can improve her skills and knowledge that’s why she steps in to this new kind of environment.

A graduate of Computer Science (BSCS), she wasn’t able to apply her educational background to her previous jobs, because she was engage in some office and accounting works. Although working on a different field, she still manages to perform every task that is given to her.

A music lover, she loves different music genre, like classic songs, blues, rock n roll, old school love songs and metal music. An avid fan of a local metal band, she watches underground gigs whenever there is a chance. During free time, she spends time in reading love stories from bantam books. She’s also interested in documentary films, true to life story of her favorite bands, and when her childlike attitude occurs, she watches Classic Disney Fairy Tales.

A silent type she is, that can easily get along with different kinds of attitude. That is why she has different types of friends from the most common, to the most weird. She loves black very much, that you can tell whenever you see her. She doesn’t like to go to malls, it makes her sick. She just wants to hang out to her friends’ house and do some music, although she can’t play any instrument. And by the way, she wants to be called by her nick name which is Mikai.

A mother of a 1 year old baby girl, mikai, works hard to provide her needs. She raises her child by her own and with the help of her mother.  Her dream is to grow old with her child and seeing her with a successful life.

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